Trust their instincts

Cats' and dogs' instincts

Knowing dogs and cats means respecting their instinctive needs.

Understanding canine and feline language, understanding how they interact, how they behave, and what they really need by their nature, will help us find the best way to treat them, care for their health and wellbeing, and build strong bonds based on respect and mutual trust.

Trusting their instinct is essential to help them continue to be the extraordinary beings they are. That’s why we want to help you understand their nature and strengthen every area of your lives together.


How much water do dogs need a day?

Many dogs seem to drink a lot of water each day. Cells and organs in the body contain about 70% water, making it the main body component.

Hunting and feeding behaviour of cats

Cats are natural carnivores and their wild ancestors are expert solitary hunters that will prey on a range of animals including small rodents, birds and insects.

How does heat affect dogs and cause heatstroke?

Dogs get overheated more easily than people and this can quickly lead to physical distress known as heat stroke (hyperthermia).

Travelling with a dog by car

You should always plan some details before taking any car trip with your dog.