It has been said that cats are skittish and antisocial… But that couldn’t be further from the truth. That’s a result of our lack of knowledge or misinterpretation of the signals they send. Cats are particular beings, often misunderstood, but deep down, it’s this behaviour that drives us crazy that we love, it’s part of a strong and defined personality.

This image that cats have comes from the (un)avoidable comparison with dogs. But they are not comparable. They are two different beings that cannot be equated.

Cats are not unfriendly, they’re cautious. And loving.

Wild cats are solitary hunters, and can also be targeted by larger species, that’s why they always have to make sure that they are in control of their territory and that here are no dangers around them before they act. Consequently, cats prefer observing from a corner before approaching, investigating, and ensuring there’s no danger present. However, once they’ve moved past that barrier, cats can become the most loving animals you have ever met. Even then, always respecting their rules. Cats will ask for attention and cuddles with their characteristic purr, but it’ll be them (and not you) who decides when they want them.


Cats are also social.

It is often said that cats are not sociable. But that’s not true. Despite not being gre-garious, cats can create strong affectionate links with other cats and humans.
Cat’s domestication process also selected animals that tolerated other cats as well as humans, favouring an environment where food wasn’t scarce, cat’s have gotten used to sharing their territory with other cats and with humans, and enjoying the relationships developed.
It is important that socialisation and relationships with people and other cats starts within the first 8 weeks from the cats birth, in order to ensure the cat enjoys that relationship for the rest of their lives. It is worth noting that we are still finding genetic differences in cats’ temperaments, since not all cat’s display the same social tolerance

Cats are independent, not solitary.

Cats are self-sufficient and socially flexible, they may be happy home alone without us, but still enjoy their owners company. Generally, owners should allow their cats to decide how much social interaction they want with other people in the house.

We need to understand that we share their territory, and therefore mutual respect is essential for a good relationship.

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